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The Basic and Generic (BaG) Core Manual is a modularized tabletop role-playing game. This manual is designed to introduce new players to RPGs and build adventureous communities from your friends!


This core guidebook includes all major features of BaG written in succinct rules. The BaG Core Manual offers adventures in genre ranging from basic fantasy to players’ favorite fandoms. No world or character is outside the bounds of playability.



  • Over 1.2 QUINTILLION possible characters to play 
  • Over 860 BILLION locations to explore 
  • Structured, OPEN-ENDED magic system 
  • Customizable item crafting 
  • Rules for large-scale wars


Rules are divided into three modules, allowing inexperienced players to learn over time and experience players to delve deep - all while playing side-by-side. Every line of this guidebook is written to make RPGs accessible for all ages and levels of experience.


The experience begins with character creation. Characters are created by assigning 65 skill points into fourteen different skills. The number of points assigned to a skill determines the character's skill level, the upper threshhold of his or her abilities in that area.


Then, players select a combination of positive and negative characteristics. Characteristics represent a character's training, habits, history, and personality and add both role-playing flavor and skill bonuses or penalties. By simply assigning skill points and picking characteristics, players have complete control over their character's archetype and playstyle.


BaG is concise, dynamic, and limitless, perfect for any world or community of players. This manual is the most easy to learn and easy to use system for breaking into tabletop role-playing.

BaG: Core Manual, Paperback

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