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Welcome to Suburb-ville with its unparalleled nightlife! Mobs take to the streets to take in the sights - dilapidated skyscrapers, abandoned houses, a creaky-creepy, clown-filled mall, and a host of other landmarks to catch your eye.


Or another part of you if you aren't careful.


Suburb-ville is a zombie apocalypse, sandbox world for BaG tabletop RPG. It contains tools to make running any zombie-theme campaign as easy and painless as possible. Inside, players will find:


  • 30+ unique types of NPCs and zombies
  • 14 unique locations
  • 14 new items
  • 5 new vehicles
  • and random item tables, random NPC generator, secret passages, illustrated maps, countless plot hooks, and secret mechanics


Suburb-ville focuses on tools and details game masters can use to create their own user-friendly worlds. A clear table of context and index make searching for details simple. Page references throughout make searching for rules and stat blocks simple. Detailed room maps make even simple encounters life-like. An easy-to-use NPC generator can creates thousands of unique NPC options, from an astounded baby boy charging away while carrying a tarnished candlestick to a shaken middle-aged woman lurching around with a scratch-and-sniff sticker.


All of these tools within Suburb-ville are designed to make running a zombie apocalypse role-playing campaign as easy, fun, and flavorful as possible.


Build your post-apocalyptic community with BaG. 

BaG: Suburb-ville, Print

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