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1-in-3 Gen Z and Millennials report feeling lonely often or all the time, and 1-and-2 have observable anxiety and depression. It’s a turbulent time– isolation and loneliness easily creep in when transitioning into college, a new job, a new town, or a new living situation.


And game-based community helps–research shows more than 1-in-3 Gen Z and Millennials enjoy board games, and 90% of those who play do it for the community involved. In-person RPG gaming is shown to improve mental illness recovery, improve creative thinking, and create a sense of belonging. 


Plus, you know, they’re just super fun. 


So I create games--tools for everyday people to use to spark conversation and make friends.

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Since launching my first game in 2022, we've spread games to every populated continent across the world, helping over 500 gamers build communities and make friends. 

In an early podcast, the host mentioned to me that we are like the British Empire - the sun never sets on the land where Hoodwink games are played. We've taken up the moniker and called ourselves the Hoodwink Empire. Across the world, we are building deep friendships, and I hope you'll join us. 

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Hoodwink Games | Who Are We?
Hoodwink Games | Mission & Vision
Hoodwink Games | Our Values


Hoodwink Games creates meaningful, in-person friendships by creating games that honor God and people. 


To create God-honoring friendships by circumventing distractions and crossing bearers through the shared joy of games.



Creativity; our games original, re-playable, and FUN. Community; every game is designed to be easy to teach, easy to learn, and has open licensing for community content. Christ; every game honors the values Christ demonstrated, glorifying what is good and allowing players to explore what that means. 

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