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Starset: The Great Dimming is a grimdark tabletop role-playing game in a lore-rich universe. Game books describe the setting as it opens, but evolving stories posted here and submitted by players around the world keep explorers abreast of the newest happenings in the solar system. 

Join history by reading the newest posts above and submitting your own stories below. 

Players and sci-fi writers who want to join the archivalists and historians of the Supreme Republic can write the future of the game! Players and writers may submit lore to Starset: The Great Dimming based on their Starset campaigns or based on their own ideas.


Hoodwink Games accepts works of fiction from 250 to 2,500 words consistent with the guidelines laid out here. Accepted submissions will join the rumors and canon published on this page for players around the world the consult when planning their own sessions. To submit your Starset lore, see the form below. 

Starset RPG is powered by a dice pool system unique to Hoodwink Games. Characters' dice pools also serve as their health, making each action or point of damage a perilous choice.


Floating actions allow players to respond to each other and NPCs in real time to create engaging, collaborative, and intensely tactical problem solving.  


Starset RPG is created to pull people who feel lost and alone into community. Young adults everywhere suffer from feeling disconnected. Starset captures that feeling in a grimdark future where the solar system is hopelessly disconnected from the universe, and players are despairing citizens. Together, players search for hope and reforge light in a world where even the stars have gone out. 

Over 300 gamers around the world created Starset in our 2023 Kickstarter. Now it's your turn to join the growing community of gamers lending hope to a darkening world. 

Submit your
starset lore

Make sure your submission fits with the Starset Lore Guide before submitting. If your submission fittingly develops the Starset Universe, the story will be scheduled to post on this page in the coming weeks! 

If your story involves a multi-chapter plot arch, please submit one chapter per submission and check the "multiple chapters?" box with each submission. 

Thanks for submitting!

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