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Create with Us

Create and sell your own BaG games! Hoodwink Games produces under a Royalty-Free Compatibility License. This means anyone can create and sell titles using BaG's rules, colors, and same fonts by the following quote in their work:

“[Title of the work] was created independently by [creator’s name] for use with the BaG Role-Playing System published by Hoodwink Games." 

Brand Elements

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Additional Notes

Third-party creators are encouraged to create their own rulesets and expansions under a royalty free license with the following stipulations: 1) third-party content may not contain the official Hoodwink Games logo in any of its forms, 2) third-party content may not contain any BaG logos except for the community-content logo provided above, 3) third-party content may not claim any association with Hoodwink Games beyond the association made in the statement required above, and 4) third-party creators are entirely responsible for abiding by intellectual property licenses for their content, including licenses to above listed fonts, any existing fandoms, and published images. 

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