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The Basic & Generic (BaGRPG System

The BaG RPG system is a modular, generic tabletop role-playing game designed to build new role-playing game communities. The system was created with three fundamental goals in mind: ease, excitement, and accessibility. 


BaG RPG's rules are modular, simply written, and short. Real examples explain everything. Start playing after only a few pages and add more rules as you're comfortable! 
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BaG Core Manual

The BaG Core Manual is the only book you need to play our  game. It's 60 concise pages offer rules for...

  • freeform magic

  • classless character creation

  • rules to operate large-scale battles

  • a location generator capable of creating millions of unique worlds to explore.

During its 2019 launch on Kickstarter, BaG raised over 1,000% of its funding goal. It's since been delivered to gamers in over 10 different countries and averages four stars on Amazon and DriveThru RPG.

BaG: Suburb-ville

The BaG: Suburb-ville is a zombie-apocalypse expansion to the BaG system. The manual introduces..

  • detailed maps for locations in the city of Suburb-ville

  • descriptions of various factions within the city, including fanatical clowns and benevolent bikers

  • a host of detailed NPCs to add to campaigns

  • rules for playing as a zombified character


BaG: Suburb-ville was published as a stretch goal for BaG's initial Kickstarter as the system's first expansion. Despite being made for this system, it provides valuable content for all tabletop role-playing games!

BaG Suburbville PDF and Paperback-03.png

BaG: Early Empires

BaG: Early Empires, the second expansion to our system, introduces the incredible historic land of ancient Canaan, Egypt, Anatolia, and Sumer. Its 80 pages include detailed accounts of...

  • historically accurate maps of 24 major ancient cities including Hebron, Aswan, Hattusas, and Nineveh

  • descriptions of 13 major ancient deities with mechanics for seeking counsel and garnering favor

  • a new conquest mechanic for battling over cities

  • historical lore for the eight major nations of the relevant regions, including cultural and societal expectations 

  • over 40 NPCs and animals of the region with stats and unique abilities


This manual seeks to resurrect the lost magic of history as recorded by ancient artifacts and biblical accounts. Following a successful Kickstarter with 130 backers around the world, Early Empires is available now on our website, Amazon, or DriveThruRPG!

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Have your own setting idea?

You can create and sell your own BaG community content for FREE using the BaG system, enabled by our royalty-free compatibility license. 

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