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2024 Projects Poll

Updated: Nov 25, 2023

This year was HUGE for Hoodwink Games. We over tripled our community, hit over 75,000 social media impressions, and launched the epic Starset: The Great Dimming.

Looking forward into 2024, I want to make sure the games I create continue reflecting the interests and passions of YOU, the Hoodwink Empire, and the games you think your friends would enjoy. That's our whole goal -- to pull friends new and old into healthy community.

With that in mind, I want your feedback on what projects we should be pursuing in the new year. Each of these projects have at least a rudimentary outline, and I would personally find each super exciting to develop and play. But what about you? Go ahead and read through the descriptions below and then vote on which you most want to see on Kickstarter next year.

Which Game(s) Would you LIke to See from Hoodwink in 2024?

  • Aethertide RPG

  • BaG RPG: 2nd Edition

  • Starset TCG

  • Manors Card Game

You can vote for more than one answer.

We'll take the winning option(s) into consideration while we develop the release schedule for next year. But please note: I'll ultimately choose the project that best combines passion with interest -- whatever it may be!

If you'd like to join us in developing our next project, or have an idea for a BaG or Starset supplement you'd like to see as our next project instead, drop a comment to let us know! Or you can always contact me personally at

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