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What is Starset RPG's Living Lore?

What is Starset RPG's Living Lore?

The Starset RPG Universe is a unique role-playing game experience where the game setting constantly evolves. Players are not locked into a world defined by published rulebooks. Instead, the Starset Universe is constantly updated by my creative writers and by players around the world reporting their characters’ actions.

Players can come to this webpage to discover the newest happenings in Starset and learn what other characters in the Universe are doing. Every week, players can expect to find at least one new story with new NPCs, locations, items, vehicles, factions, or plot threads.

Players can also come to this webpage to submit their own stories. See the Living Lore Submission Guide for tips on how to get your story published, so you can join the Hoodwink Empire in creating an epic universe for all players.

Starset’s first story is already posted! Check it out here, and submit your own ahead of the next release that comes out November 24, alongside the official release of Starset: The Great Dimming RPG. From the 24th on, the webpage will be updated weekly with your submission and our own!

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