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For a full, third-party review of the system, see Jacob Tegtman's article on Eternity RPG.


Basic and Generic (BaG): Core Manual, Free Edition is the first module of BaG: Core Manual and a perfect way to break into tabletop role-playing. This manual contains everything needed to get started, including...


  • Introduction to tabletop role-playing concepts
  • Explanation of RPG roles and tips to playing
  • Character creation rules
  • Fillable-PDF character sheet
  • Hexagon battle map
  • Basic core rules to playing BaG


BaG's setting-agnostic system gives players and storytellers all the tools needed to play through any genre - existing or imagined. Bring Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, Star Trek, or a world entirely of your own divising onto the table with BaG.


BaG's core rules are broken down into easily digestable modules, so new players can start immediately. Modules are then added as players get comfortable, adding new options and new strategies. 


This modular method lets veteran players play alongside complete newbs, making BaG the perfect introduction to tabletop role-playing. 


BaG: Core Manual, Free Edition is the first module of the system FREE. Players can download it and start playing immediately. Everything you need to play is right here. 

BaG: Core Manual, PDF Free Edition

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