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HISTORY remembers two a different world - a world where GODS and MEN mingle through life and death. The mightiest empires of mankind - the Amorite Babylonians, Pharaohs of Egypt, and Hittite warlords - carved eternal monuments recording supernatural might. A world where witches summon the ghosts of prophets, priests conjure violent serpents, and giants with the blood of demons lead men to war. Monument walls speak of heroes leading ancient nations to unfathomable feats. 


And room enough exists for new heroes to join them. 


BaG: Early Empires is a 100+ page tabletop role-playing game supplement that brings the ancient worlds of Sumer, Canaan, and Anatolia to your next tabletop RPG through historically accurate maps, cities, cultures, deities, and NPCs. This manual documents the ancient world as it would have been during the biblical era of Judges (circa anywhere from 2000 to 1000 BC), supported by almost 100 academic and archeological sources, with several creative additions.


While designed to support the Basic and Generic (BaG) tabletop role-playing system, Early Empires includes information valuable to any tabletop RPG campaign. Use a fully-hyperlinked table of contents and index to find any information you could need. Specifically, Early Empires includes... 


  • Maps of 19 ancient cities based on archeological ruins including Hittite capitol Hattusas, Israelite capitol of Hebron, and the Egyptian necropolis of Giza
  • Descriptions of 13 ancient deities, from Ra to Dagon to YHWH, plus rules for character interactions, rules for seeking counsel, and rules for utilizing their favor 
  • Accounts of 8 major nations, ranging from iconic Egypt to more historically obscure Hyskos and Amalekites 
  • Over 40 creatures and NPCs, including geographically accurate animals and historical figures such as the gigantic Philistine Men of Gath, Amorite Rephaim, and legendary Israelite judges
  • Summaries of 4 major legal codes, including translations of their original text and suggestions for applying them to tabletop role-playing campaigns


The purpose of Early Empires is to bring the splendor, wonder, and richness of history into a playable RPG supplement. For history buffs or gamers alike, it is the perfect addition to any ancient role-playing campaign.

BaG: Early Empires, PDF

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