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Humanity is depraved. 

The hegemony known as the Supreme Republic of Man enforces a loose legal anarchy, where powerful conglomerates, religions, and industries prey on the weak and powerless. Even in this hostile environment, though, citizens hope for a better life. Dreams of glory in battle, sudden wealth, or independence in the Kuiper Belt shine like stars in the sky--distant reminders of what may come.

Even these disappear at the sudden collapse of the Oort Cloud, plunging the solar system into darkness. Humanity is cut off from the Universe, suddenly alone and looking for a more enduring source of hope. 

Starset: The Great Dimming is a grimdark sci-fi tabletop role-playing game focused on hope. Players can start right away with only six pages of rules! The RPG's core mechanic has players utilize vitality as both their dice pool and their health. As injuries and fatigue accumulate, characters gain fewer and fewer dice with each turn. Delayed resolution of actions means players and NPCs act simultaneously, allowing them to help or inhibit each other. Only by working together, taking risks, and tactically planning can players survive. The game utilizes a brand-new dice pool system that combines resource management with risk to create lethal, tactical gameplay where every decision changes the world--starting with character creation. 

Characters are created using a semi-randomized choose-your-own-adventure. Players choose areas of life to begin their character's backstory and then randomly generate events within that area to determine plot decisions. By making these decisions, characters determine endlessly unique starting skills, items, physical attributes, and personalities. If they survive.

In addition, inside this book players will find:
- 7 pages of character creation details and explanation
- 6 pages of core rules needed to play
- 25 pages of items, vehicles, and NPCs
- 38 pages detailing space travel, the solar system, and spaceships
- 36 pages of lore, detailing factions and locations around the solar system
- 16 pages of Overlord (GM) guidance for running a game
- A starting scenario and 3 example characters
- Over 440 unique plot points for character creation
- Details on how to contribute to Starset’s growing lore

Starset: The Great Dimming is a Hoodwink Games product. This book, and the Starset Player Manual and Starset Universe Manual were fundraised on Kickstarter by over 330 gamers in four continents. We hope you’ll join us.

Starset: The Great Dimming Core Manual, Print

PriceFrom $40.00
Excluding Sales Tax
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