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Starset: The Great Dimming is a grimdark tabletop role-playing game where characters are everyday citizens with dark pasts each must overcome.


This guide welcomes new players with quick, easy-to-use instructions for creating these characters and immediately jumping into gameplay. Inside, players find rules for generating physical attributes, personality traits, skills, and–most importantly–their backstories.


This manual is entirely optional for gameplay and is simply an easier-to-use version of information found in Starset: The Great Dimming Core Manual. Players must have a copy of the core manual in order to use this player manual.


Starset: The Great Dimming is a Hoodwink Games product. This book, and the Starset Player Manual and Starset Universe Manual were fundraised on Kickstarter by over 330 gamers in four continents. We hope you’ll join us.

Starset: The Great Dimming Player Manual

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