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Starset: The Great Dimming plunges tabletop role-players into a grimdark future grasping for hope. The solar system writhes with desperation as people search for purpose, despite the titans of industry, faith, and politics churning to their own ends. The Oort Cloud is collapsing, humanity is doomed, and the everyday citizen searches for answers.


Starset: The Great Dimming Universe manual gives players the lore of the Starset Universe to build a Starset campaign in whatever role-playing system they enjoy most. Players are equipped with the tools needed to run an RPG campaign utilizing rich lore, history, and worldbuilding of this sci-fi future. Lore is outlined in easy-to-decipher sections, allowing players to enter the world quickly with their favorite RPG rules.


Note that Starset: The Great Dimming Universe Manual does not include any tabletop role-playing rules or mechanics. This manual is purely for campaign planning and world building purposes.


Starset: The Great Dimming is a Hoodwink Games product. This book, and the Starset Player Manual and Starset Universe Manual were fundraised on Kickstarter by over 330 gamers in four continents. We hope you'll join us. For more details, visit

Starset: The Great Dimming Universe Manual

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