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Dust your miniatures off and deploy them to battle with the new Basic and Generic Wargame! Take your Lego minifigures, 3D-printed .stls, Warhammer 40k armies, Star Wars Legion squads, or any other figures and put them to work with a brand new BaG system! 


The new BaGW allows you to pick your own models and build custom unit profiles from over 75 different characteristics and 35 different powers. Build an army from any story, or create your own, as you explore the literally quadrillions of possible unit builds. With simple explanations, eight pages of rules, and endless strategies, BaGW is the first and last wargame you will ever need. 


In this free demo, you'll get the complete BaGW ruleset, two paper miniature armies with pre-built unit profiles to test the system, and a limited range of the customization options to try your hand at making your own units. 


BaGW is currently in fundraising on Kickstarter, but join our list of subscribers or even consider backing the project to stay up-to-date on new developments and the availability of the full system. 

The Basic and Generic Wargame (BaGW) Demo

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